Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom
      The Prophet Of The Christ

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About Me

Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom AKA The Prophet Of The Christ has a deep love for magic or magick. She doesn't see magic as a color like most practitioners or witches. She just views magic as a manipulation of energy. How you operate as a witch or a practitioner is what makes magic white or dark. She considers her magic "white or divine" due to her operating with good intentions and a pure heart. She is a Christian and serves God(Christ Jesus). She knows that all of her Gifts and powers are from Christ Jesus(God). She does nothing alone. She believes that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens. She's told by many of her clients that her White Light Blessing shows desired results within 1-3 days or 1-7 days of being casted. She is caring and is here to help and do the work of the greater good.

Her work is always heart felt and her intentions are always good. She has a large amount of clients who are stable and returning clients. She believes in offering the best services possible. Unlike some inexperienced practioners or Witches,she knows how to handle the negative affects of magick or magic. She's never had an experience with her magic back firing or someone was hurt or injured. She believes that in order to deal with magic. It's very important to have protection. You have to be protected by God in order to deal with magic. She is very protected by Christ(God) that is why she's able to protect her clients. So whether or not your issue is love,money,gossiping,court issues or you need luck with gambling. She is here to service you.  Since, you're still here. Why not watch a few of her videos via you tube which are posted on this very page. Enjoy!

Don't hesitate to Make it a blessed day. Have a magical day! Christine, Assistant and Manager.