Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom
      The Prophet Of The Christ

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Believe it or not. Having a work and personal altar is very important to Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom aka The Prophet Of The Christ. She believes that every witch or practitioner should have a sacred place to work from. If you don't have an altar or don't want an altar, that's ok as well. Having an altar puts you in a very special,holy and closeness with God(Christ Jesus). This is a very sacred and holy place for Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom.

                                            Setting Up A Work Or Personal Altar

Every altar is different. Every witch or practitioner is different. Master Psychic Lady Of Wisdom is a Christian which means that you will notice that she works with a lot of Christian tools. Such as crosses,Bibles and angels. She also uses the triquetra. The triquetra represents The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost To Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom. Which is the power of three and the trinity. Other witches or practitioners will most likely use the triquetra symbol to represent the triple Goddess. Again, every witch and practitioner is different. So, you must set up an altar that's comfortable or holy just for you. If you're a wiccan. You may want to use the pentagram or the triquetra. You may want to use horns or a black candle to represent the Masculine God or the horned God. You may also use the triquetra if you wish. There are a number of ideas that will work. Maybe, you prefer a tree of life. A simple painting or a drawing of a tree will do. You can use stone,runes or pictures which can be symbolic. You can use pictures of deceased relatives or pictures of Virgin Mary or any of the Saints. Altars may vary depending on one's faith,religion or spiritual practices. There are so many ideas that will work. Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom has placed a video of her altar on this very page. Her altar has also been up dated since this video was recorded.

                                   Cleansing And Sanctifying Your Work And Personal Altar 

Hey! Don't forget to always cleanse and sanctify your entire altar before using it. Whether, you choose to use Holy Oil or if you just pray over your altar. Don't forget to cleanse and sanctify your altar. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Do not keep a dusty or dirty altar. You are invoking God(Christ Jesus) to aid you in your spiritual work. Always, keep your altar free from dirt or coins. Do not have anything that's not a part of your altar around or near your altar. This is a Holy place. Make sure that it's comfortable and inviting to Christ Jesus or God.

                                   Pocket Size Altars,Travel Altar And Mini Size Altars

Hello again. Are you very busy? Are you a witch who travels a lot and is rarely home? Do you need a travel, pocket size altar? Don't worry. If you work during the day or travel a lot as a witch. There's pocket size and small altars that you can carry with you. Yes, Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom has a travel size, small altar. Yes, it's small enough to fit into her purse or her pocket. Yes, she is often very busy or not able to get home to her work and personal larger altar. For travel size altars. Please, be wise and do not carry a lot of tools with you. You can carry a lot of tools if you choose to. Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom believes that a travel size altar should be very small and easy to carry inside of a small purse or inside of a small pocket. Again, depending on your faith, religion or spiritual practices. Your tools for your pocket size altar may very. Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom just carries an old, small make up case, with a make up brush. The make up brush acts as her broom for cleansing and sanctifying. She carries a cross charm for extra protection. She has a few small hand written White Light Blessings which are compared to spells. These are quick, immediate short White Light Blessings. Again, if you want a small, travel size altar. Make sure that your altar is actually small enough to fit inside or your purse or inside of a small bag or a pocket. She have also added a video on this very page which includes tips and educational information about pocket size altars. Good luck with your new pocket size altar. God bless! Love and Light. Keep it Holy And Witchy. Christine, Assistant And Manager.