Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom
      The Prophet Of The Christ

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Holy Witchy Forum

Hello! We're Glad that you're still here.
Did you know that all witches are not evil? Did that just blow your mind? Yes, you may have a few Satanic Witches or a few bad apples that gives witches a bad name. Not all witches are evil,nor do all they worship Satan or the Devil either. Not all witches conjure or get possessed by foreign or evil spirits. Nor do they all use selfish magic to trick or manipulate people. Every witch and practitioner is unique and different. Yes, Master Psychic Lady Of Wisdom is a woman of the "Cross" and knows that all of her powers and gifts are from Christ Jesus(God). She doesn't conjure spirits and trick people. She attends church regularly and follows the Bible faithfully. She's caring, kind, open minded and very non judgemental. She accepts all people just as Christ Jesus did while on earth. She believes that this should be the way and lifestyle of every Christian. She loves what she does and takes her calling from Christ very seriously.

                   The Four Rules Of White Magic or White Witchcraft

1)LIVE-Live Each Day As If It Was Your Last. For One Day You Will Be Right
2)LOVE-Love Yourself First And Foremost. For When You Truly Love Yourself, Loving  Those Around You Will Come As Easily As breathing. And We All Must Breathe.
3)Learn-Learn Your Life's Lessons Each As It Comes, For That Is The Reason We Are Here
4)Enjoy-Enjoy Your Life Because If You Do Not. Most Likely, Someone Else Will Enjoy It For You. Your Tiem Here Will be Wasted.