Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom
      The Prophet Of The Christ

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So you think that you're ready to do some real magic? Are you ready? Let's go Holy Witches!

Having faith is the most powerful tool to possess. This is what Christ possessed while on earth. He had complete confidence in doing the will of the Father in heaven. His faith and intent is what made him so powerful. Without faith, none of his powers would've existed today. So,you need a lot of faith. I'm not talking about the faith which keeps you questioning yourself and your magic. I'm speaking in reference to the faith that you should always have and possess at all times while working or even if you're not working. Do not ever question your spells, rituals or white light blessings. If you question your work. This means that you will fail. Don't ever do this. If you have been doing this. Then immediately stop doing this. You'll ruin your spells or white light blessings by doing this.

                                          Are You Ready To Do Some Real Work Now?

Stop doubting yourself right now! Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom is a strong believer in faith and in God. This is the force behind her visions,clairvoyance and magical work. If you're going to lack faith or worry. Why casts spells or white light blessings? Make sure that you are equipped with a strong amount of faith and intent. This is the force that creates success. Don't be afraid if you don't see results immediately. Every white light blessing and every spell is going to be different. Some may work immediately while others may take a few days to show results. Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom's White Light Blessings shows results within 1-3 days or within 1-7 days of being casted. This is what she's told by many.

                                             Are You Ready To Be Witchy Now?

Now, that you have your faith. Let's power up! Make sure that you cleanse yourself well before working. This is acceptable to Christ(God). Remember, that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Make sure that you annoint your head, hands and feet first. Bless your altar if you have one or bless whatever tools that you are using. If you're using crystals which are very powerful as well. Bless and power up your crystals before beginning any type of work. If you are using runes, tarot  cards or stones. Bless each of your tools one by one. Assuming, that you know which spell that you're casting or trying to attempt to cast. Reverend Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom believes that using your own personal spells and white light blessings are absolutely the best. It's ok to ask another witch, psychic, prophet or high priestess for help if you need a little help. Just make sure that you know to use your own words for all spells and make them personal. Add your full biological name. Say amen or so mote it be at the end if you like. Always know, that lacking faith will make you fail at this type of work. So have faith! Christine, Assistant And Manager
Master Psychic Lady Of Wisdom's Work/Personal Altar